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The Easy Brand Fight is a well known British group having under its umbrella an endless number of brands combined with the word Easy, their most famous one is the low-cost airline EasyJet, the founder of Easy Group is Stelios. Not long ago,

10-Month-Old Startup Buys 93-Year-Old Business

Before Jeffrey Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield even launched Harry’s, an online service for men’s grooming products, they had their eyes set on a first acquisition. The pair wanted to buy an old German razor factory for $100 million. That isn’t

McCafé on Retail Shelves

Ronald McDonald decided to enter the supermarket retail game and be present on the shelves. So starting 2014 you don’t need to visit your McDonald’s store but instead visit your neighborhood supermarket to grab your coffee and drink it at

Cornetto New Look


I just finished reading Brandwashed, an amazing book by Martin Lindstrom, a worldwide renowned marketeer. Martin takes you in very deep places on how brands we use are brainwashing us, the consumers, everyday. On a personal experience, Martin tried hard


Sugarpova is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova. Maria has created her own candy business to offer an accessible bit of luxury, interpreting classic candies in her own signature

Video Branded Content

Goviral just published its first Social Video Equity Report, which lists the 100 most powerful brands in Video Branded Content. Click here to check the full infographic in Danish, German, Spanish, French or Italian

Delicious Lotus

Lotus Bakeries caramelised biscuits are delicious anytime and anywhere. Billboard at local supermarket in Lebanon

What Are SRP and RRP?

In the retail universe, SRP and RRP mean respectively Shelf-Ready Packaging and Retail-Ready Packaging. SRP or RRP is “a product that arrives at retail in a ready merchandised unit which is easy to identify, easy to open, can easily be

Lurpak Copycat

A clear copycat for the Danish brand Lurpak.