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I just finished reading Brandwashed, an amazing book by Martin Lindstrom, a worldwide renowned marketeer. Martin takes you in very deep places on how brands we use are brainwashing us, the consumers, everyday. On a personal experience, Martin tried hard

Angry Birds in China

TBWA Shanghai, in partnership with the Gamelab (one of the world’s digital labs network of DAN) TBWA Helsinki, the city that invented Angry Birds, has proposed a partnership with McDonald’s in particularly ambitious 1500 restaurants in China. A special version

Retailers Reinventing The Store

During recession times, retailers always keep searching for new ways to keep the clients to come back to their stores. Some of the new trends in pulling traffic to the stores and enabling them to expand into new categories with

Is Marlboro Having a New Logo?

I don’t smoke and I never did in my whole life. And I hate when people smoke in private or in public (something very common in Lebanon, especially the moment they enter Beirut Airport building after landing). During a passage

US Retail Email Trend 2011

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Japanese F**kin Sale

The marketing team of a department store in Osaka, Japan went wild with their crazy sale sign that had a huge buzz all over the internet. The signs were removed later on and the management apologized.

Social Marketing Trends for 2012

2011 was the year of “SoLoMo” (social, local and mobile), basically this trend will keep on during 2012 for brands and services, but personally I believe that social media will start going downhill mid-2012, I have to wait and see

Engage Or Die

I would like to share with my blog visitors, a paragraph from a book I started reading today called Engage, The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web written by Brian

Difference Between Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising & Branding

Why Sometimes Marketing Fail

No matter how many people you will ask around you to define the exact meaning or definition of the word “marketing”, you will always get more and more different views about it. Almost no 2 people can agree on the