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10-Month-Old Startup Buys 93-Year-Old Business

Before Jeffrey Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield even launched Harry’s, an online service for men’s grooming products, they had their eyes set on a first acquisition. The pair wanted to buy an old German razor factory for $100 million. That isn’t

Is Marlboro Having a New Logo?

I don’t smoke and I never did in my whole life. And I hate when people smoke in private or in public (something very common in Lebanon, especially the moment they enter Beirut Airport building after landing). During a passage

Birds Eye Logo

Birds Eye is one of my favorite logos of all time. From its shape and colors to the products range and extensions, it is used to the extreme and correctly, unlike other brands who kill their brand while extending it.

Petco Refreshes Logo & Tagline

Petco Animal Supplies Inc. unveiled a new logo and tagline that stresses pet health. The new tagline, “Where the healthy pets go,” updates the old tagline by adding the word “healthy.” The new logo also incorporates the new tagline. Today,

When The Brand Does Not Fit The Product

Summer is here and it is hot. All supermarkets are shrinking their frozen category shelves and groceries are putting their small freezers in front of everything else to welcome the ice cream season where sales will pick up because of

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FMCG Packaging

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Tropicana Pure Premium

Christian Lacroix Dresses The 1664

After Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola, Paul Smith for Evian and Missoni for San Pellegrino, it is Christian Lacroix who will revamp beer 1664. Christian Lacroix, a symbol of elegance and refinement to the French, is known for its bright colors

TNT Post changes to PostNL

“Our new name PostNL symbolizes the reliability and down to earth approach of our company. This name does justice to our past, something we are very proud of. By the same token we emphasize that we are a true Dutch