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Cornetto New Look


Tatra Powder Milk

Tatra, one of the most known powder milk brands in Lebanon long time ago is having a new look.

ebay New Logo

EBay Inc executive Devin Wenig unveiled a new logo on Thursday. The new logo keeps eBay’s famous colors, red, blue, yellow and green, but the letters are thinner and arranged inline, rather than the previous, slightly jumbled approach. A lot

Diet Coke Gets Makeover

This fall, Diet Coke is re-introducing its stylish cropped logo design for its aluminum can. The refreshed packaging design was created by San Francisco-based design agency Turner Duckworth, and features a section of the Diet Coke logo, cropped to feature

Diet Coke Flavors

Wine Glasses

Design by Luksemburk

Fresh Market & Diavlo

Fresh Market is a Polish chain of convenience-type stores with 100 POS today and a foreseen potential of 500 stores in the future, part of Zabka Polska. Diavlo is one of my favorite fonts, it is a free font that

New Beetle

The Posters The Real Car

3 Cokes