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Smart Diapers

Smart diapers bring obsessing over infant health to a new level by letting you check up on your baby’s vital stats with your smartphone. The diaper has a small patch that tests urine and gives you all kinds of pee

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McCafé on Retail Shelves

Ronald McDonald decided to enter the supermarket retail game and be present on the shelves. So starting 2014 you don’t need to visit your McDonald’s store but instead visit your neighborhood supermarket to grab your coffee and drink it at

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Snickers 5+1

A pan-European Snickers 5+1 Promotion

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For Blackberry Lovers

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Santa Claus … In Chocolate

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Cat Lovers: 300gr Free

On-pack promotion for Cat Lovers, Whiskas is offering 300g on their 2kg packs for your lovely cats.

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Milka Chocolate Donuts

Milka is a brand of milk chocolate manufactured by Kraft Foods. According to the official site, the name Milka is derived from combining Milch and Kakao, which are the German terms for milk and cocoa. Milka has decided to launch

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Gillette & Bic Lighters

Gillette is the world leader in the system shaving blades with a close & tight competition from Bic in the disposable shaving blades segment, Bic never tried to enter the system segment but imposed itself as leader in the lighters

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Leader, Challenger, Follower, Nicher

Product or Brand positioning is what comes to mind when your target market thinks about your product/brand compared to your competitor’s products/brands. Having a competitive advantage is necessary for a firm to compete in the market. But what is more

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Counterfeited Duracell Batteries

Multinationals never stop fighting counterfeited products and the bad guys never stop doing it. This game has been going on since forever and it seems gonna be here forever. I have spotted the below Duracell batteries in Cyprus, and having

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