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The Easy Brand Fight is a well known British group having under its umbrella an endless number of brands combined with the word Easy, their most famous one is the low-cost airline EasyJet, the founder of Easy Group is Stelios. Not long ago,

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Retail Catastrophe

The death toll from the Thursday evening 21[11]2013 rush-hour roof collapse at the Maxima supermarket in Riga, Latvia’s capital had risen to at least 54, including three firefighters, police said. A roof garden was under construction at the time of

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Retail Ethics

When you enter the 4th quarter of the year, retailers and suppliers also enter the ultimate battle zone of negotiations of the following year. And it looks like Casino stores (part of the French retailer Groupe Casino) are going down

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No Supermarket

I do visit lots of shopping malls during my trips, or my business trip, basically I am not there for shopping for the latest fashion trends, but instead to visit the supermarket or hypermarket inside those malls for professional reasons.

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Online Supermarkets in the Middle East

Yesterday in a news from AMEinfo, a Jordan based company called MENA Apps launched its online supermarket for the Jordanian market. Online supermarkets in the Middle East or Gulf are not a viable business and most of whom tried

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Moving Shelves Without Emptying Them?

Yes you can move huge sections inside a supermarket without emptying the shelves. How? The below video is the proof, done at a CORA store in Rennes-Pacé-France.

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Women Shopping Men

Online sites are launched every day by hundreds, new ideas of online products are being seen everywhere and the latest is called Supermanket. The name looks funny but when you take a closer look you realize what it is about,

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Bou Khalil Expanding

Bou Khalil, the oldest Lebanese chain of supermarkets is expanding in Lebanon and abroad. They opened 2 weeks ago their 10th store in Lebanon, located in Kousba, in the northern part of Lebanon, they also also opened a store outside

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Supermarket Scanner Recognizes Objects

Toshiba has created a new scanner that recognizes any item in the store, meaning barcodes are not necessary. The object recognition system uses pattern and color recognition to identity the product, including fruits and vegetables.

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Retailer/Supplier Relationship

In retail distribution, the relation between the retailers and the suppliers is always in high tension, the below sign was seen at a Leclerc store in France, saying that Danone is refusing to deliver them goods, because the later thinks

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