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Private Label & Cultural Adaptation

Private labels are gaining huge market shares mainly in Europe and soon worldwide, but the most enjoyable part of launching a private label product is the adaptation to the local culture and taste. Food products are the most sensitive to

Santa Claus … In Chocolate

Delicious Anuga 2011 Shots

Angry Cupcakes

Sushi Etiquette

Stereo: Lebanese Armenian Restaurant

Photos courtesy of a friend who is on a business trip to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, a Lebanese-Armenian Restaurant that he enjoyed. For those who are wondering about the link with “Stereo”, please refer to Ziad Rahbani play “Film Ameriki

Burger Lovers

Boursin Expands

Boursin (Groupe Bel) launches new range of appetizer, “Les roulés de jambon fumé au poivre” and “Les roulés de jambon fumé ail & fines herbes”, that offers an alternative to traditional appetizers and closer to “homemade” products.

Siblou Seafood Appetizers

Cute Bento

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