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Beirut City Center

Today I had a quick visit to the newly opened Beirut City Center, nothing impressive, another copy/paste mall with known brand names all around.

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Stupidity Has No Limit

As Albert Einstein said: “Two Things Are Infinite: the Universe and Human Stupidity”, we can clearly see this theory applied every day somewhere in Lebanon. It does not matter if the municipality is asking people not to stick any ads

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Beirut City Center

Opening during Q1-2013

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Carlos Ghosn on Lebanese TV

Yesterday evening, I was more than happy catching a TV interview with Carlos Ghosn, the Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, on the Lebanese channel MTV (Murr TV), hosted by Jessica Trad Kastoun. I was really pleased seeing a

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Porsche 911

2 weeks ago, I posted on my Facebook page the below photo saying that the Lebanese Porsche 911 owners have the so-called “plate number complex”, they cannot drive the car unless the number 911 appears somewhere on the car plate

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Since 1873

Heineken latest “huge” billboard campaign in Lebanon, it looks they are in the social networking business since 1873.

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Bad Experience @ TSC Mega / CityMall

Saturday afternoon I dropped by TSC Mega at CityMall but my experience that day was quite bad. When you enter the store, you look around for those blue or red plastic shopping basket which you don’t find then you decide

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Papal Visit To Lebanon

Pope Benedict XVI Visit to Lebanon on 14/15/16 September 2012 Official Website

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Daily Refreshment

A very refreshing billboard campaign for Lipton Ice Tea products in Lebanon.

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Faces @ LeMall Dbayeh

Faces, the Middle-East born concept of beauty stores created by Chalhoub Group, opened a new location at LeMall in Dbayeh.

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