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Cyprus, my opinion

Cyprus, the beautiful Mediterranean island which is my all time favorite destination, for business and pleasure, is in deep trouble since 2 weeks. here is my opinion from a non-financial view and tryign to simplify it for the people who

Private Label & Cultural Adaptation

Private labels are gaining huge market shares mainly in Europe and soon worldwide, but the most enjoyable part of launching a private label product is the adaptation to the local culture and taste. Food products are the most sensitive to

Cyprus Coke Promotion

Best Buy … Supermarket

Lidl Cyprus Magazine Ad

Lidl in Cyprus

In October 2010, Lidl opened it frist 2 stores in Cyprus, then came another 8 locations to increase the total number of stores to 10 by May 2011. Furthermore, it aims to achieve a double digit share of the retail

CY – 2 Sides For Nicosia

I was in Cyprus on Wednesday and as most of you know, Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus is the last divided capital in the world after the invasion of the Turkish forces for the island in 1974. At the end

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