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Is Your Website Responsive?

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Women Shopping Men

Online sites are launched every day by hundreds, new ideas of online products are being seen everywhere and the latest is called Supermanket. The name looks funny but when you take a closer look you realize what it is about,

Lebanon Supermarkets Websites

Below are screenshots of the websites of major Lebanese supermarkets. Unfortunately there are lots of work to be done on their online presence compared to European and American retail distribution chains. Monoprix will be back in town soon & Carrefour

Burger Lovers

Six Apart acquires and shuts down Pownce

Blogging company Six Apart has acquired micro-blogging startup Pownce for undisclosed financial terms. It looks like one of those acquisitions where the buyer was more interested in the people than the product — the Pownce service will shut down in

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LinkedIn lays off 10 percent of staff

Business networking site LinkedIn is joining the long list of companies that have announced cuts in the last few weeks — it has laid off 36 employees, or about 10 percent of its total staff. Last month, it announced $22.7

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Since yesterday is down, for whom not familiar with the site, this is the Dubai based Airline and the sponsor of Arsenal football team. Yesterday their url was pointing to Network Solutions site and the Whois was showing an

The Major Incidents of The Internet In 2007

The Great Skype Outage Anyone using Skype will remember this one. Back in August, to the great frustration of its millions of users, Skype stopped working for almost two days. The culprit? Windows Update, apparently. RackSpace truck incident In November,

Aodhan Cullen Founder of

Aodhan Cullen calls himself a born entrepreneur. He has been running businesses since the age of 12, when he set up his own résumé-typing business. As a young teen, he dabbled in Web site design, and it was this experience