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Consumer & Retail Incubator & Accelerator

I am a big fan of consumer products and retail concepts and this is what I do for living. I was trying lately to find any incubator and/or accelerator related to those industries in this part of the world (Levant

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Private Label Gains in Value in Poland

According to estimations included in the PMR report entitled “Private label in Poland 2012. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014”, the value of the private label market increased by 18%, thus reaching almost PLN 29bn (€7bn) in 2011. The

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Europe’s Private Label Brands Growth

While retailers’ own brands continue to help cash-strapped consumers across Europe reduce the cost of their weekly shop, national brands are fighting hard to protect their share of the market, reveals a report launched today by grocery market measurement and

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Carrefour & Les Cosmétiques Design Paris

Carrefour, the French retailer, has unveiled its new private label range of beauty products, which will be launched worldwide this year. Under the name “Les Cosmétiques Design Paris” the brand includes: toiletries, facial care, anti-aging products, haircare and make-up.? With

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Copycat Brands Face EU Scrutiny

Hypermarkets, supermarkets and other format retailers that produce private label products that resemble established brands and their respective products, will face closer scrutiny and potential financial penalties after a European Commission report accuses them of “parasitic copying”. Investigations in 27

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Private Label & Cultural Adaptation

Private labels are gaining huge market shares mainly in Europe and soon worldwide, but the most enjoyable part of launching a private label product is the adaptation to the local culture and taste. Food products are the most sensitive to

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Morrisons Laundry Private Label

Morrisons the English retailer, launched its private label laundry liquid, created and designed by Stocks Taylor Benson in the UK.

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Perrier Listed in Lidl France

Nestlé Waters will be going through very hard times during their 2012 negotiations with major supermarket and hypermarket chains in France after listing one of their products in Lidl stores. Lidl is one of the world’s major hard discounter and

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DM Private Label on

German discount drugstore DM (Drogerie Markt) started selling its private label products under the different DM-brands online on, the latter will take care of the sales and distribution. The cooperation is expected to be mutually beneficial. For DM it

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Walgreens Nice! – New Private Label Brand

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