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Edeka Jingle Bells

Edeka is the largest German supermarket corporation and the employees of one of their stores decided to play the famous Jingle Bells music with the beeps of their cash registers, enjoy!

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Retail Space Optimization

Retailers are having hard time when it comes to manage their stores spaces because of real estate cost, consequently they try to find ways to optimize every single space and this is what a Real store did in Rheinpark Center

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Delicious Anuga 2011 Shots

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Siblou @ Anuga 2011

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German Fight on Czech Soil

Germans are for drugstores what French are for supermarkets, the masters of the game. And in Europe the game for market shares is on high stakes, the Germans took the combat outside their ground to neighboring markets, specifically to Czech

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DM Private Label on

German discount drugstore DM (Drogerie Markt) started selling its private label products under the different DM-brands online on, the latter will take care of the sales and distribution. The cooperation is expected to be mutually beneficial. For DM it

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Berlin, Now & Then

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Chicken or Egg

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Spree Berlin, Germany Creative Directors: Florian Kitzing, Michael Häussler Art Director: Armand Lidtke Copywriter: Manuel Wenzel Art Buying: Marjorie Jorrot Account Managers: Sirrka Köster, Simone Buchcik Producer: Sven Hannemann Post Production: Die Bildproduktion Hamburg Photographer: Peter

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Frankfurt Airport City Song

Frankfurt Airport City (words & music by Stefan Muschalski) Intro 1. Just pack your bags and leave, tomorrow’s the big day Destination Frankfurt, we’re on our way to a city within a city and a hub full of streams and

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