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No Supermarket

I do visit lots of shopping malls during my trips, or my business trip, basically I am not there for shopping for the latest fashion trends, but instead to visit the supermarket or hypermarket inside those malls for professional reasons.

Beirut City Center

Today I had a quick visit to the newly opened Beirut City Center, nothing impressive, another copy/paste mall with known brand names all around.

Beirut City Center

Opening during Q1-2013

Bad Experience @ TSC Mega / CityMall

Saturday afternoon I dropped by TSC Mega at CityMall but my experience that day was quite bad. When you enter the store, you look around for those blue or red plastic shopping basket which you don’t find then you decide

Carrefour Planet

Carrefour has totally reinvented shopping for its customers, and the Carrefour planet concept offers them a new shopping experience centered around making purchases in comfort, friendliness and fun. The new stores boast a festive atmosphere of discovery, specialist offers organized – Christmas 2010

Employees of preparing orders for the 2010 festive season in Wales (Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

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