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Since 1873

Heineken latest “huge” billboard campaign in Lebanon, it looks they are in the social networking business since 1873.

Private Social Network For Couples

If both a couple owns an iPhone and/or an Android based phone and are in love, then Between is the app they need to have on their mobile smartphone. Between is a mobile service that provides a secret place for

The F-Factor

May 2011 | THE F-FACTOR, which is all about how friends, fans & followers greatly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions in ever-more sophisticated ways. So much has been said about social media and the rise of social commerce as the new

Socializing the Bull & the Bear

For those who are not familiar, the terms bull market and bear market describe upward and downward financial market trends, respectively, and can be used to describe either the financial market as a whole or specific sectors and securities. Lately

Facebook vs Twitter

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Location Based Social Networks

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The State Of Linkedin

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If Websites Were People …

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What the F**k is Social Media?

What The F**K is Social Media? View more documents from Marta Kagan. What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later View more documents from Marta Kagan.

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Will I Get Bored ?

And then came Facebook… and I am trying hard to remember when I first joined this social network after many insisting requests from my work colleagues and it happened, I had my profile with very limited gadgets and accessories when

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