Bad Experience @ TSC Mega / CityMall

Saturday afternoon I dropped by TSC Mega at CityMall but my experience that day was quite bad.

When you enter the store, you look around for those blue or red plastic shopping basket which you don’t find then you decide to pick one of those trolleys which are not clean and struggle to push them as their wheels are not working properly.

Then I hit the non-food section to pick up what I came for, and there was the biggest surprise, very bad lighting, huge and long shelves almost empty showing those stocks of unsold products that gives you a feeling that the store is going bankrupt very very soon.

Of course you barely can spot someone from the staff to ask any question in any section (and most probably if you ask a question you won’t get the correct answer).

After getting the few small things in that huge trolley I had, direction check-out.
39 check-outs in the store and I guess not more than 7 were open on a weekend with a huge line at each check-out, even the check-out stating “10 items or less” was full with clients pushing trolleys full of stuff and more than 10 items and nobody from the staff cared about it (I had less than 10 items)

Then the cashier starting scanning my items, after the 1st item, he stopped and started arguing with the supervisor of the porters and totally forgot that I was standing there, then restarted the scanning process, I paid and left.

No wonder you hear on the market that TSC is going thru bad times and it looks so obvious after my visit.


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