Carlos Ghosn on Lebanese TV

Yesterday evening, I was more than happy catching a TV interview with Carlos Ghosn, the Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, on the Lebanese channel MTV (Murr TV), hosted by Jessica Trad Kastoun.

I was really pleased seeing a non-political interview with a high calibre CEO like Carlos Ghosn, but unfortunately I felt the presenter was not ready to face such a business giant, even that it was obvious she did her homework before the interview, but many times during the interview you could feel the repetition of the questions indirectly.

Sometimes the guest was asked a long question and the hostess was expecting a longer answer, but the surprise was when Ghosn was shooting short answers straight to the point, so you could hear the silence for few seconds, but Ghosn was clever enough to feel it and continued talking in order not to embarrass the hostess.

Another annoying thing, was the translation the hostess was trying to do while Ghosn was talking, mainly for the technical words in English or French. I suggest for future interviews to subtitle the words in Lebanese and let the guest continue with the flow of the answer.

But would definitely like to see other Lebanese business gurus on screen talking and discussing useful matters and topics that motivates and gives positive energy.


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