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Is Jeff Bezos a Bad Boss?

I am a big fan of Jeff Bezos, the founder of and i never hided that i would like to spend 1 day with him anywhere in the world to get to know him better and maybe take some

Amazon New Kindles

Source: Dear Customers, Today we’re excited to introduce the all-new Kindle Fire HD. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G isn’t just the best tablet for the price, it’s the best tablet. $499 now gets you a large-screen HD tablet with

Nexus On Fire

The tablets war is still going on. Tomorrow Google will start delivering its Nexus 7 Tablet for $199, a price that will put the Kindle Fire on more fire. With a front camera and full access to Google Play store, The Offline Retailer

Rumors are already everywhere online, is going to have a brick and mortar store in Seattle, where their headquarter is located. Why would the world’s largest online retailer, go for a physical store? Maybe their revenues are having problems

Discovering The Kindle Fire Outside The USA

I am a big fan of Jeff Bezos since day 1, because of his entrepreneurial and fun spirit. Back in September 2011, Amazon announced it is entering the tablet business unveiling the Kindle Fire for US$199-. Everybody was wondering what

Where Is The Kindle Fire Branding?

Yesterday, launched its new full line of Kindle products including the long-waited tablet, called Kindle Fire. No doubt that Amazon will reshape the tablet scene, but in my opinion, the Kindle Fire won’t be of any threat to the

DM Private Label on

German discount drugstore DM (Drogerie Markt) started selling its private label products under the different DM-brands online on, the latter will take care of the sales and distribution. The cooperation is expected to be mutually beneficial. For DM it

Could Amazon Be Android’s Best Hope?

If Amazon does, in fact, enter the tablet market with a low cost Android tablet this fall they might be able to change the playing field to a lower margin one where Apple would be less able to compete. Could – Christmas 2010

Employees of preparing orders for the 2010 festive season in Wales (Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

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What Matters More Than Your Talents

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