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Is Your Website Responsive?

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Women Shopping Men

Online sites are launched every day by hundreds, new ideas of online products are being seen everywhere and the latest is called Supermanket. The name looks funny but when you take a closer look you realize what it is about,

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Location-Based Services

Location-Based services invaded all over the internet and everyday, more and more service are popping up,without forgetting the fierce competition coming from the big players like facebook, twitter and google who are also offering location check-ins and places. The few

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Quora Q&A

Why would you use Quora over Convore or vice-versa? Robert Scoble I don’t think it’s an either-or. I’d add Namesake into this question too (Namesake has some advantages over Convore, but that’s for another question to answer). But the two

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Web Brand Colors

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We Match Any Color

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Scandinavian Brands

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If Websites Were People …

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What the F**k is Social Media?

What The F**K is Social Media? View more documents from Marta Kagan. What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later View more documents from Marta Kagan.

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From Playboy To YouPorn

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