Women Shopping Men

Online sites are launched every day by hundreds, new ideas of online products are being seen everywhere and the latest is called Supermanket.

The name looks funny but when you take a closer look you realize what it is about, a website where women of the world are the clients and the products are simply men, in another term, a dating site.

The service started in Chile two months ago, and has so far acquired 5,000 users. There have been 2,116 purchases by women, with 45% rate of acceptance — where the “product” wrote back. A U.S. version of the service launched last week.

This does not mean you are buying a man to become your slave, as the FAQ of the site is saying, they just want to open of line of communication between men and women

In my opinion, the idea has lots of traction and it should move on smoothly among single women as they are launching the initial communication/contact with the product/man they buy and are not harassed by unwanted people unlike other dating sites, in the meantime, most men will be thinking twice before sharing themselves as a product on a shelf, sorry this is not me typing, excuse my ego!


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