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Why would you use Quora over Convore or vice-versa? Robert Scoble I don’t think it’s an either-or. I’d add Namesake into this question too (Namesake has some advantages over Convore, but that’s for another question to answer). But the two

Quora Q&A

Why do people tend to think that VCs are arrogant? J-David Chamboredon Because a VC firm funds only a very tiny percentage of the projects it gets pitched by and because a large majority of projects having tried to raise

Quora Q&A

Is it ethical to share the same idea/concept or business plan with 2 VCs at the same time? And Why not? Jon Pincus Yes, in fact this is standard behavior. This is very much in the entrpreneur’s interest: you want

New Series of Postings

I am starting a series of postings called Quora Q&A where i will be showing questions from my Quora account and the answers I receive from other users. Answers will be updated periodically and reposted whenever they occur.