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Online Supermarkets in the Middle East

Yesterday in a news from AMEinfo, a Jordan based company called MENA Apps launched its online supermarket for the Jordanian market. Online supermarkets in the Middle East or Gulf are not a viable business and most of whom tried

CDiscount, You’re Hurting My Eyes

CDiscount is a French e-commerce website (part of Groupe Casino), as per their definition they are the leaders in France, but if you ever decide to visit their website you need to be very cautious as surfing their website can

DM Private Label on

German discount drugstore DM (Drogerie Markt) started selling its private label products under the different DM-brands online on, the latter will take care of the sales and distribution. The cooperation is expected to be mutually beneficial. For DM it

How Online Retailers Make You Spend More

The F-Factor

May 2011 | THE F-FACTOR, which is all about how friends, fans & followers greatly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions in ever-more sophisticated ways. So much has been said about social media and the rise of social commerce as the new

ArabNet Panel: Group Buying

Group buying was one of the interesting panels that took place at ArabNet Shift Digital Summit on 23rd of March, and it was moderated by Alexander McNabb. The panelists where Sohrab Jahanbani from Gonabit, Sinan Khatib from BuyWithMe, Paul Kenny