Perrier Listed in Lidl France

Nestlé Waters will be going through very hard times during their 2012 negotiations with major supermarket and hypermarket chains in France after listing one of their products in Lidl stores.

Lidl is one of the world’s major hard discounter and in continuous price war against the private labels of supermarkets and hypermarkets, by offering not-known brands to their shoppers. But in recent years, all major hard discounters started offering international brands on their shelves such as Nutella, Coca-Cola, Head&Shoulders and Nescafe and many others.

Lidl is selling Perrier PET 1l at a very attractive price of 0,64€ (3,84€ for pack of 6), while other major retailers are selling the same at an average price of 3,95€ in Auchan, 3,91€ in Système U, 3,88€ in Leclerc, 3,86 € in Carrefour and Intermarché.

Nestlé Waters had to calm down France No.1 retailer Carrefour by having a explosive promotion of “Buy 1 Get 1”.

Leclerc did wait long to follow on a “me-too” promotion on its private label, offered at 2,82€ the pack of 6x1l.


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