Quality Friends


Friends, not the tv series, but the friends we have in our lives and who are divided on many categories. Every now and then we look at these categories, we try to sift them and mostly we move friends from a category to another given the moments and experiences we have lived and this behavior looks so natural as humans.

Then you meet 1 new person, in a social gathering or at your workplace or thru common friends.

At the beginning, you are cautious then with time you start discovering how good this person is and how much value and positivity he is bringing into your life. With more time, you get to know how ethical and transparent he is to this friendship, and how this person sometimes becomes a mentor on many and different subjects (life and/or business), then you realize that all these positive qualities and attitudes are given to you without expecting anything in return while he keeps pushing you all the way up by being extremely supportive and without judging you.

Yes, quality friends can still be found! I have found one.


Live Life Light

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