Dear Brian Acton & Jan Koum

whatsapp founders

Dear Brian Acton and Jan Koum,

I would like to thank you for bringing the Whatsapp application into our lives, on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia but there is one big problem you did not pay attention to.

Your problem are your Lebanese users.

While I am not sure how many users you have in Lebanon, but i can imagine they are a lot and these are dangerous users. Because instead of driving safely, they are busy using your application.

Since forever, whiskey, beer and other alcohol producers used to market the sentence “consume responsibly” or “don’t drink & drive” in all languages, because people believed that alcohol is the main reason for car accidents, but I don’t think it is anymore and especially in Lebanon.

Lebanese are so busy Whatsapp-ing while driving and this is becoming more and more dangerous, it is becoming so obvious when a car is zigzagging that its driver is not focused on the road but trying to find the right letter to type on his smartphone keyboard.

Now that Whatsapp is owned by Facebook after your $19 Billion deal with them, maybe it is time to try coming with an option to disable the application while in motion inside a car.

My idea might look weird, but surely will save lots of lives.

Thank you
a Whatsapp user


Live Life Light

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