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Quality Friends

Friends, not the tv series, but the friends we have in our lives and who are divided on many categories. Every now and then we look at these categories, we try to sift them and mostly we move friends from

When In A Moment Of Anger

Sometime ago I was reading an article over the net about managing your moments of anger and how to reply to angry emails and keep the life and business ethics running smoothly without ruining your relationships. The writer of the

The Stranger

Few days back I saw a question on Quora asking: “Is there a person, a stranger, whom you met once in your life and are likely to never meet again, who affected you in some profound way?” and yes it

When Someone Gets Rich …

“I want to be rich.” This is a statement every single human being said once in his life, if not loudly, then with himself. Everybody wants to be rich, the poor wants to be rich and the rich wants to

How to Deal With Crappy People

I am reading my 1st ebook in 2012 called “I was blind but now i see” by James Altucher and I would like to share with you an excerpt about crappy people. There are only four types of people. If

How to Focus in the Age of Distraction


This Is Your Life

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Life’s Good, Not Anymore …

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Beauty Is No More Natural