CEOs & Emails

Email, we all use it and sometimes we all hate it. Personally, I live my business working days inside my inbox, I gathered all the necessary tools to make my email productivity high and never miss a message and answer within the shortest time frame and always remember to keep it simple and short.

But what really bothers me about email, are the people who receive emails and spend a lifetime to answer, even that you know and you are very sure that they have enough time to answer you, even with few words, just to finish a pending issue that is and was dragging endlessly.

And I do always compare these people not answering to 3 CEOs I know personally who answer their emails faster than that guy who is sitting behind his desk and doing nothing all day long or doing a lot but not in a productive way.

The 1st CEO is running a multinational with more than 10,000 employees.
The 2nd CEO is running a smaller multinational with more than 1,500 employees.
The 3rd CEO is running a startup, going multinational soon with more than 250 employees.

So go imagine how unproductive some people are!


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