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CEOs & Emails

Email, we all use it and sometimes we all hate it. Personally, I live my business working days inside my inbox, I gathered all the necessary tools to make my email productivity high and never miss a message and answer

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

Jason Fried talks about the how absurd it that many people are most productive in trains, cafes, dens, but not in the office. One of the more salient remarks in Fried’s talk is that “people go to work and they’re

Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store

Tesco/Home Plus is a supermarket chain in South Korea, where over 80% of mobile phones here are smartphones, so they decided to make your subway waiting time more productive, you can shop and by the time you are home, the

The Boss & The Wife

I had a conversation with my wife at the beginning of this year if a wife should be working with her husband, given that the husband is the boss or owner of the company. And the next day, i see

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Abolish Great Meetings

Having a “great meeting” often means that everyone in the room agreed on a topic without debate or discomfort. Yet, most great ideas are born from conflict and differences of opinion, rather than effortlessly run meetings. Next time you are

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Priority Matrix

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Decrease Stress, Increase Productivity

By Marla Tabaka Want to become more productive? Decreasing your stress levels will increase your productivity and the likelihood of living a longer, healthier life. But, you ask, I run my own business, how can I possibly decrease my stress?

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My Productivity Tools

Xobni‘s Outlook add-in saves you time finding email, conversations, contact info & attachments. Bccthis is an Outlook plug-in that lets you add context to email by sending personalized messages to selected email recipients. enhances your existing calendar and let

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