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Hiroshi Mikitani

I started few days ago reading Marketplace 3.0: Rewriting the Rules of Borderless Business written by Hiroshi Mikitani the CEO of Rakuten. I will not discuss the detailed content of his book which is extremely interesting to read for every

Patron Incognito – Nicolas Riché

Nicolas Riché is the CEO of Columbus Café, a French chain of coffee shops, who went on Patron Ingocnito (Undercover Boss) on the French TV channel M6 as an undercover employee in his own stores to check how employees react,

CEOs & Emails

Email, we all use it and sometimes we all hate it. Personally, I live my business working days inside my inbox, I gathered all the necessary tools to make my email productivity high and never miss a message and answer

Pietro Ferrero, Dies While Cycling

Pietro Ferrero, chief executive officer of the Ferrero group, maker of Nutella chocolate spread and Tic Tacs, and heir to Italy’s biggest fortune, died yesterday of a suspected heart attack during a bike ride in Cape Town, South Africa. He

Bart Becht to Step Down

After spending more than a decade building Reckitt Benckiser Group into a household-products powerhouse, Chief Executive Bart Becht said he will retire later this year. I will continue to be passionate about the business until August 31, he said on

Bet On The Middle East

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Japan Airlines CEO

Haruka Nishimatsu is the CEO of Japan Airlines. He was featured on CNN last month because his humble salary and way of living is in such stark contrast to the excesses enjoyed by his US counterparts. At one point, it

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