When Someone Gets Rich …

“I want to be rich.”
This is a statement every single human being said once in his life, if not loudly, then with himself. Everybody wants to be rich, the poor wants to be rich and the rich wants to be even richer.

Some people are born rich and some people become rich because of hard work, of luck and sometimes a combination of both (hard work + luck) and few times because of illegal work.

But no matter how someone gets rich, they suddenly start thinking they are or became more intelligent and wiser and start seeing things from a different perspective and much better than someone standing next to them and looking from the same angle, which unfortunately most of the time is incorrect.

I don’t know why, but suddenly the whole world looks so simple for them, they start asking for problems because they think they have the solutions for everything. They allow themselves being philosophic and throwing life theories to the right and to the left and whenever they are present in a room, they believe they are the most clever person in that room. Even sometimes they convince themselves they are from a different mankind than the regular and average people.

For those who are born rich, I am sure if we take everything from them and ask them to start from scratch without any resources, sadly most of them won’t make it, even to 1% of what they have when they were born rich.

For those who became rich, no matter how hey did it, please don’t forget that few days back, you were still one of those average class people.

Many of friends who read my blog will feel concerned, I have friends who were born rich and friends who became rich, please don’t take personal.

And as a friend said to me back 12 years ago, “nobody believes me because I am not rich”.


Live Life Light

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