How Companies Lose Money?

This story happened today in our office in Warsaw and it is about DHL and their documents deliveries, which i thought are more consolidated and combined in order to maximize each car they have on the street.

We have received 1 dox almost an hour ago, then few minutes later another DHL guy appears having another dox for us. For me it looked so weird, having received 2 dox with the same courier company but with 2 different delivery men.

I am not experienced in the express courier industry, but logically for me and from what I read about this industry in books and online, every morning all packages are scanned electronically and should be consolidated in order to cut cost on delivery and operation charges, but seeing this in our office makes me wonder how DHL is operating.

I am sure that DHL is one of the most advanced express courier companies technologically and Germany is not far from Poland (456km of borders), and the Warsaw hub should be a very active one for both countries.

Maybe I missing something in the background, but for me it is just about logic. And in my humble opinion, DHL simply lost some money today by sending 2 cars and 2 employees to the same address.


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