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Krikor Ohannessian is a retail distribution, consumer brand & product management consultant with more than 17 years of expertise. He has worked with large international corporations, major retailers and consumer brands and has helped them craft and execute cross-channel commerce and distribution strategies in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Krikor provides clients, partners and brand owners with a strategic perspective to a comprehensive range of retail issues and helps them evaluate current strategic implementations and benchmarks them against best practices in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

This includes micromanaging multi-channel retailing, assessments of retail viability, inventing & launching of retail concepts, e-commerce and e-tailing, retail technology & POS upgrades, inventory control, and other strategic retailing issues. His know-how includes retail strategy and execution as well as negotiations, from hypermarkets and supermarkets to hard/soft discounters and drugstores. He possesses a demonstrated ability to develop, implement, and optimize the use of retail merchandising, and category management of FMCG, CPG, IBP and creation and outsourcing of private labels and own-brands products.

Krikor works with businesses on new media strategies to engage and connect between companies and customers, and helps brands and products to position and energize themselves in the new emerging social media by studying and monitoring their effects on consumer behavior, marketing and culture.

Krikor is always passionate about any type of retail experience and acknowledges the necessity to understand its needs, boost and deliver it consistently.

For any retail project, feel free to contact me here and discuss what you need.

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