When In A Moment Of Anger

anger management

Sometime ago I was reading an article over the net about managing your moments of anger and how to reply to angry emails and keep the life and business ethics running smoothly without ruining your relationships. The writer of the article was proposing to start a new email and writing in it all what you are feeling, good and bad things (but most probably you will include the bad things) then not sending the email to the person in question but instead to save it in your draft folder and come back to it after a period of time, till you cool down.

Few days later and luckily after reading the article, I had to deal with someone (will keep calling him someone in the blog post instead of losing time finding him a more appropriate word, as it is not worth it). This someone behaved in a very weird way (and not for the 1st time) and I was so angry that I wanted to say many things I felt just in his face and suddenly I remembered this famous article and I directly went to my Gmail, and started writing until I decided that it was enough and without reading back what I wrote I saved the email in the draft folder.

I came back to it few times later and it was so interesting seeing what people can say in a moment of anger (no matter if what you are saying is right or wrong), at one point I really felt relieved because I did not send the email, not because I am afraid of this someone, but because I think some people will not change no matter what you tell them, or how nice or bad you are to them.

And because those who don’t understand your silence, will never understand your words. Cheers To Life!!!


Live Life Light

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