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In France, store concepts known as “hypermarchés drive” or drive-through hypermarkets are springing up across the country.

Investment in these drive-through formats is growing primarily because “pure” grocery e-commerce sites that include home delivery have not really taken off in France. Customers are often unwilling to pay delivery costs and many do not want to block out time to wait for their goods.

Customers can either use the drive-through service spontaneously via electronic terminals at the station or order their items in advance online and pick them up at the service point. Once the order is complete and the shopper has arrived at the pick-up point, the products are delivered to the customer’s vehicle in less than five minutes. In France, there is no service charge and retailers maintain that prices are exactly the same as those found in their hypermarkets.

Drive stores in France are an interesting trend to watch, as there is no reason to believe the concept can’t take root elsewhere, as well.

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Below is a counter for Drive numbers per chain in France with the openings of new locations during 2013.

Compteur Drive Novembre France

If you live in France and would like to check a drive near your location or compare, you can visit these 2 sites (in French)


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