You’re Fired, Be Happy

You’re Fired, Be Happy! A sentence that looks a little weird.

People are fired every day around the world, some call it “corporate downsizing”, sometimes it hits 1 person, sometimes 500 and sometimes by the thousands. George Clooney is used to do it a lot in his movie Up In The Air.

If you have seen the movie, you might not be surprised by the behavior of the fired people to the extend of committing suicide.

But if you hold your horses for a minute and take a look around you, things might look brighter.

I am not saying being fired is something you are eager to happen to you, but sometimes such hits can be an opportunity for a better start, a better job, a job you like more than the previous one.

The most important is to know what is next and what exactly you need to do to put back your life on the right track. Some people get more lost when it happens to them, some start drinking, some start fighting themselves and the people around them and start blaming every single aspect of life to be working against them and lose the focus and end up unhappy in anything they do in their life.

While the stronger behave differently, they seize the moment and take control of the game their way, move forward, get bigger and make things happen, so be that person.

And the most important is to stay focused.


Live Life Light

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