My Daughter, The Young Entrepreneur

lemonade stand Yesterday evening I arrived home and my daughter, who is 9, looked quite busy then suddenly approached me saying: I have decided what I will do when I grow up, I want to open a perfume store with my 2 best friends, I will ask them to check if they accept being in this with me but I only have one condition, I want to be the manager and run the business, they will be helping me.

I was quite astonished hearing this, me, who spent and is still spending a large amount of time chasing VCs and investors to launch my own retail startup.

I looked inside her innocent eyes which had no clue about the complex process of funding and launching a new business but at the same time saw the sparkle and enthusiasm.

And what is your plan for this business, how are you going to start? I ask.

First I am going to name the store/business, what names do you propose something nice and short like Zara, Mango or similar to these brands?

And why don’t you try naming it yourself, this is your business, you should come up with name? And let us say we manage finding a name for your business, what is next?

Next, I will start writing down the name of the perfumes brands that I will sell in the store, Lancome, Lacoste, Mont Blanc, Estee Lauder, Burberry, … please help with more names daddy!

And I propose: what about in between naming the store and the list of products, we include the design on the store and maybe later after naming it, I help you creating a logo for it and draw some design with some colors, so you can have an idea how it is gonna look like?

And she agrees.

So now we are in the process of brainstorming for a business name and in the meantime she will ask her 2 best friends if they want to be her business partners.

To be continued … in case the project is not dropped.


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  1. Omg this is do adorable. Your daughter will definitely grow up to be a business mogul!

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