Carrefour & Les Cosmétiques Design Paris

Carrefour, the French retailer, has unveiled its new private label range of beauty products, which will be launched worldwide this year.

Under the name “Les Cosmétiques Design Paris” the brand includes: toiletries, facial care, anti-aging products, haircare and make-up.? With about 650 SKUs, 20 of them organic-certified, and prices ranging from 1 to 12 euros, the new private brand will replace Carrefour’s existing offerings.

The launch will begin in France with make-up in March, followed by skin and hair care products and toiletries in May.?

Les Cosmétiques Design Paris will hit Carrefour stores in Italy, Spain and Belgium by the end of the year, before reaching Asia and South America in 2013 and 2014.



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2 comments on “Carrefour & Les Cosmétiques Design Paris
  1. Miriam delacruz says:

    Good day! I purchased one of your haircare product which is the hair coloring. I find it difficult to understand the instruction since there is no English translation in your packaging and the product itself. Is there any possible way from you to give us the product information written in English? its the Les Cosmetiques Haircare product. I really wanted to use it but I am hesitant because I dont understand the language written in it. Thank you very much.

    Best. Regards,

    Mrs. Miriam Delacruz

  2. Dear Miriam,
    this blog is not affiliated or part of the Carrefour company, if you need anything related to the brand or products of Carrefour, you need to contact them directly.

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