1st Book for 2012

Yesterday I started reading my 1st book in 2012. I am lending it for free from Amazon Prime for Kindle Fire (I will be writing about my Kindle Fire experience tomorrow).

I Was Blind But Now I See by James Altucher. This is Altucher’s 2nd book i read after How to Be the Luckiest Person Alive!

I am at 20% of the book, where James is sharing most of his blog posts in a different way. So far the book won’t make you nor a rich person if you are seeking for money, neither a 100% balanced person if you are seeking total happiness (as his blog title is “ideas for a world out of balance”), instead it will let you ask yourself questions, you might find answers to some and forget about the rest.

We’ve been brainwashed. We need to acknowledge this. We need to recognize who has been doing the brainwashing and work towards reversing its effects. Then, building from the core, we can learn who we really are, get success, wealth, and finally happiness. This book lays out the techniques to escape the zombie recruitment machine, expanding our personal frontiers, and finding the tools to build up the wealth of happiness inside.

Since I started reading James Altucher blog (which I found thru the Stocktwits network), there is no doubt and definitely the guy is clever, having his low moments, as well his successful ones, but for me and for now, he is still in the gray zone, i am not able to classify him in white or black list because of his controversial and argumentative ideas and writings.


Live Life Light

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