PS3 Dominates Consoles in France

Since Christmas 2010, Sony’s PS3 console surpassed the Wii and Xbox 360 in volume and value.

With over 174,000 units sold between December 27, 2010 and April 10, 2011, the PS3 dominates the French market for home consoles. Anticipating by far Nintendo’s Wii (131,000 units over the same period) and the XBox 360 (107,000 units).

Market domination is obviously even greater in value since the Sony console is usually sold 300 euros against 200 for the Wii and some models of XBox 360.

In total, Sony announced that it sold 3 million PS3s in France and 50 million worldwide. Nintendo dominated the market of home consoles with the Wii until recently, thus it is difficult to maintain its leadership. And even if the market of Wii consoles in France remains the largest (nearly 6 million units sold to date), its sales is in continuous decline.


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