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TV channels, we have many in Lebanon, but unfortunately, you cannot watch any of them in a continuous mode because of their grids or their “political” views which are divided to the extreme.
Personally I don’t care neither about politics, nor about the colors of the parties these channels are supporting.

Hopefully none of my Lebanese blog readers, will analyze the top tv channels logos and the way they were listed, I have done it randomly.

Unfortunately the grids are mostly focused on 3 major types, political talk shows on the top of the list, then dubbed Turkish/Mexican series and shows with stupid anchors telling stupid jokes and laughing stupidly (ok, i like jokes, but i will not spend 2 hours in front of the tv for this)

What is missing in Lebanon in my opinion is business/financial/marketing/consumerism/brands/technology/you name it/ … focused channels. OK maybe we cannot afford a full channel for these, but what about a weekly 1 or 2 hours show covering such topics?

I must admit that there is one channel doing this, which is MTV Lebanon, but this is happening at the end of their prime time news, monday to friday and only for 5 minutes (more or less), including a few seconds spot for the sponsor. And at some point, you can barely understand what the anchor is saying, because of the speed the words are coming out of their mouth, lack of time and limited air time.

I am also convinced that if any Lebanese channel goes in this direction, this will also bring them lots of money from the brands. I am not a tv experienced person, but surely there are ways to optimize such show(s) and offer a big chunk of business oriented viewers what they deserve.

Some of you might say that we have CNBC-Arabia, but it is a fact that in the media/tv industry, Lebanese prevail by far, with all my respect to everybody and without any discrimination. IMO if any Lebanese tv channel take control of such a show, the difference can be told.

More over, CNBC-Arabia is focused on the Arab world, and you always have the feeling that 80-90% of their news is targeted towards the GCC and the rest is for other Middle Eastern and North African countries.
No matter at what time of the day you switch to CNBC-Arabia, they are talking about GCC.

Until we see a Lebanese dedicated business channel the CNBC/Bloomberg/FoxBusiness style, so dear Lebanese tv channels, start by giving us a weekly interesting show and i assure you that it will be a success and your viewers ratings will be satisfying.


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