TR: Pegasus Plane Hijacked

We came to Istanbul myself and our Commercial Director to pick up our visas from the Macedonian Embassy in order to go on from here to Skopje. On our way from beirut with Turkish Airlines, I was joking with Camil, telling him that lots of planes are being hijacked in Turkey, I hope our flight will be safe.

Yesterday we were chatting about this Turkish Low-Cost airliner called Pegasus and the destination it is offering for cheap prices.

And today, while watching CNN, i was so surprised for this “breaking news” where a Pegasus flight from Diyarbakir to Istanbul was hijacked and forced to land in Ankara.

Below are some tv screenshot from CNN after the hijack took place and Pegasus tv commercial few minutes after the hijack on turkish cnbc channel.

What a coincidence!!!

tr_pegasus1.jpg tr_pegasus2.jpg
tr_pegasus3.jpg tr_pegasus4.jpg

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