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Monoprix Back To Lebanon

Monoprix, the French retailer ( is back to Lebanon after leaving the market for 3 years, following the deal of selling their previous point-of-sales (5 super and 1 hyper) to the Kuwaiti group, The Sultan Center. The 1st come-back store

Lebanon Supermarkets Websites

Below are screenshots of the websites of major Lebanese supermarkets. Unfortunately there are lots of work to be done on their online presence compared to European and American retail distribution chains. Monoprix will be back in town soon & Carrefour

Lebanese Supermarket Promotion

I’ve been traveling from the Middle East to the Gulf and North Africa and all over Europe for my daytime job which includes market visits and stores check of almost every known and unknown chain of supermarkets, hypermarkets and hard-discounters

Domino by Cora Supermarket

Best Buy … Supermarket

Walgreens Nice! – New Private Label Brand

Carrefour Planet

Carrefour has totally reinvented shopping for its customers, and the Carrefour planet concept offers them a new shopping experience centered around making purchases in comfort, friendliness and fun. The new stores boast a festive atmosphere of discovery, specialist offers organized

What Value Can Groupon Add To Groceries?

The news is out, yesterday Groupon started partnering with a grocery chain to start a test program. But what value can this kind of partnership bring to groceries, supermarket and hypermarkets? In my opinion, it will not add any value.

Tesco Extra

Tesco Polska is setting a new trend in the daily shopping habits of consumers, so they launched some time ago their Tesco Extra stores. 4 locations are available in Czestochowa, Lodz, Nowy Sacz, Poznan and more will be opened in

France Proximity Retail

Petit Casino, flagship of proximity stores of Group Casino, is about to change its name: Casino Shopping for stores over 350m² (700 potential units) and Casino Shop for stores less than 350m² (1200 potential stores). The 1st Casino Shopping will