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The Price Of Branding

A logo speaks a thousand words and sometimes it costs a penny more than that. you’ll be surprised to find out the costs of these iconic logos. Source: TrendLand – Stock Logos

Tatra Powder Milk

Tatra, one of the most known powder milk brands in Lebanon long time ago is having a new look.

Since 1873

Heineken latest “huge” billboard campaign in Lebanon, it looks they are in the social networking business since 1873.

Daily Refreshment

A very refreshing billboard campaign for Lipton Ice Tea products in Lebanon.

Photo Industry

My dad was a photographer and owner of his own studio. So naturally I found myself looking around and seeing since day 1 brands like Kodak, Agfa, Canon, Fuji and Nikon, to name few among others. I witnessed black and


The biggest batteries display I have ever seen in any retail outlet.


Hard Time For Hard Discount

The economical situation in Europe is not helping the hard-discounters to keep the trend. Aldi France had to take the hard decision by introducing 3 products from Ferrero, Kinder Bueno, Kinder Chocolat and Nutella. Other multinationals are also in negotiations

Is Gillette in Trouble?

Gillette, the world leader in system shaving blades, will have to face some competition from a new startup called Dollar Shave Club. The startup seeks to provide consumers with $1 razors shipped to their homes (plus $2 for shipping and

Carrefour & Les Cosmétiques Design Paris

Carrefour, the French retailer, has unveiled its new private label range of beauty products, which will be launched worldwide this year. Under the name “Les Cosmétiques Design Paris” the brand includes: toiletries, facial care, anti-aging products, haircare and make-up.? With