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Retailer/Supplier Relationship

In retail distribution, the relation between the retailers and the suppliers is always in high tension, the below sign was seen at a Leclerc store in France, saying that Danone is refusing to deliver them goods, because the later thinks

Competition 24 vs 25

Othaim Markets is a local Saudi chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets. It seems their marketing department think that opening 1 extra hour during the day will bring more business. This is what we call “Competition”.

Guess What These Are & Win a Book

Guess what these colorful stuff are and win a book (First Things First by Stephen R. Covey).

The Rise Of The Cola Bull

Wherever you go, the name of the game is known in the cola world, Coke vs Pepsi. Except the USA market, the market share difference is amazingly spacious in most of the world markets where the major 2 players are

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MK – Our Competitor in Macedonia

Competition is fierce, even in a small market like Macedonia. No matter the market size, you will always find someone trying to get you out of his way and grab all your market shares and score more. We are present

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