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Drive en France

In France, store concepts known as “hypermarchés drive” or drive-through hypermarkets are springing up across the country. Investment in these drive-through formats is growing primarily because “pure” grocery e-commerce sites that include home delivery have not really taken off in

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Retail Ethics

When you enter the 4th quarter of the year, retailers and suppliers also enter the ultimate battle zone of negotiations of the following year. And it looks like Casino stores (part of the French retailer Groupe Casino) are going down

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La Grande Distribution en France: Retour sur 2012

La grande distribution en 2012 subit les conséquences de l’impact de la baisse de la croissance et celle du moral des ménages. Malgré une augmentation de 2% en valeur en 2012, le secteur reste à la traine par rapport à

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Patron Incognito – Nicolas Riché

Nicolas Riché is the CEO of Columbus Café, a French chain of coffee shops, who went on Patron Ingocnito (Undercover Boss) on the French TV channel M6 as an undercover employee in his own stores to check how employees react,

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Online Supermarkets in the Middle East

Yesterday in a news from AMEinfo, a Jordan based company called MENA Apps launched its online supermarket for the Jordanian market. Online supermarkets in the Middle East or Gulf are not a viable business and most of whom tried

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Retailer/Supplier Relationship

In retail distribution, the relation between the retailers and the suppliers is always in high tension, the below sign was seen at a Leclerc store in France, saying that Danone is refusing to deliver them goods, because the later thinks

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Carrefour & Les Cosmétiques Design Paris

Carrefour, the French retailer, has unveiled its new private label range of beauty products, which will be launched worldwide this year. Under the name “Les Cosmétiques Design Paris” the brand includes: toiletries, facial care, anti-aging products, haircare and make-up.? With

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CDiscount, You’re Hurting My Eyes

CDiscount is a French e-commerce website (part of Groupe Casino), as per their definition they are the leaders in France, but if you ever decide to visit their website you need to be very cautious as surfing their website can

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Monoprix Back To Lebanon

Monoprix, the French retailer ( is back to Lebanon after leaving the market for 3 years, following the deal of selling their previous point-of-sales (5 super and 1 hyper) to the Kuwaiti group, The Sultan Center. The 1st come-back store

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Muszkieterowie Polska

Yesterday I visited the headquarter of Muszkieterowie the Polish arm of the french retailer Les Mousquetaires. Under the Intermarché brand, Muszkieterowie operates 168 stores in full franchising mode all over Poland with an exciting expansion plan for 2012. They also

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