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ArabNet Panel: Building for Web with HTML5

Building for Web with HTML5 was presented by Mr. Sebastian Trzcinski-ClĂ©ment, Developer Relations Lead, MENA, Google Few highlights: Sebastian: “IE is the only not HTML5 fully supported, if you want it then go next door” HTML5 taking apps from desktop

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Gisele Bundchen Unzipped

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Typical Lebanese Twitter Conversation

I joined twitter on the 13th of February 2007 and i don’t remember for how long the service was already out and running. At the beginning I was not really active tweeting then became addicted to a certain extreme limit

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The Magic Of Free Video Calls

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10 American Financial Meltdowns in the Past Centuryonomy

Original Copy Of This Post @ Neatorama Banks failed, stock prices collapsed, and panic descended on Wall Street. Americans were holding their collective breath as a rescue plan was hastily drafted. The 2008 financial crisis? Nope – it was the

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Crocs vs CROX

Crocs are those stupid plastic shoes that comes in many colors and CROX is their stock market symbol. Yes I do have a pair of those what some people call weird thing to wear but I do like wearing them

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EG- What Is This ???

You might be wondering what is this below picture all about? This is a bus that took a sudden stop next few centimeters away from our car in the famous Egyptian traffic, mainly in Cairo. Whomever visited Egypt previously will

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EE- Souvenir Photo

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My Trip On 08.08.08

My mobile screen

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Le Grand Bleu – The Mediterenean

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